Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Services include:

  • Search engine-readiness strategies (producing highly relevant, optimized web sites)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)–creating true organic search relevancy for websites through:
    • Keyword research
    • On-page keyword development
    • Title Tag and Meta Description writing
    • Optimizing other search-related content elements
  • Google AdWords and AdSense advertising strategies and keyword development
  • Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing–for organic search (SEO)
    • Optimizing your website for social media sharing
    • Effective Social Media strategies
    • Improving social signals
    • Growing Social Media presence
    • Content strategy–including curation and expert content writing
    • Targeted Facebook Ads, Apps and Facebook Connect
    • Facebook for Lead Generation
    • Hashtags: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other hashtags as an effective marketing tool
    • Google+ business page setup, development and use and growing your ircles
    • LinkedIn Company Page and LinkedIn Group strategy, setup, content development, and follower strategy
    • Video SEO–including use of YouTube and other content provider content on your website, in your social platforms, and syndicated content back to your site (also including setup of multimedia/video sitemaps)